July 13, 2017

Facebook Live Captioning with iCap Falcon

David Watts

On June 6th Facebook Live announced their support for the display of live closed captions. In response, we here at EEG are very excited to announce that our cloud-hosted caption encoder, iCap Falcon, now supports hardware free on-demand live captioning to Facebook Live!

Why iCap Falcon is the Ideal Solution for Captioning Facebook Live Streams

As a cloud service, iCap Falcon requires no hardware and is easy to setup on-demand for streaming-only content - saving you both money and time. Content providers simply direct their stream to Falcon first - Falcon then provides a realtime audio reference to your choice of caption agency (or our Lexi Automatic Captioning Service), and encodes the incoming captions into your stream before forwarding the fully captioned material to the Facebook Live Server URL you provide the application during setup.

What Does Setup of Falcon Entail?

Setup requires you to provide your Falcon account with the unique Facebook Live Server URL you are ultimately streaming to along with some other basic credentials such as which captioning service you are using. Once you click "Launch" - Falcon generates a custom URL for you to place in your Streaming Media Software settings (this will tell your software to stream to the Falcon servers). Falcon also supplies you with a unique "access code" to give to your captioner which allows them to access your program audio and deliver captions to your stream. Once the newly generated Falcon URL is loaded into your streaming software, your captioner has your iCap access code, and Falcon is loaded with your Facebook Server URL - your stream will flow through the Falcon server for captioning and then arrive fully captioned to your Facebook destination.

How can I start using Falcon?

Falcon is setup and controlled through the EEG Cloud Services website located at eegcloud.tv - simply create an EEG Cloud account and subscribe to the service with a credit card or call us at 516-293-7472 to pay over the phone.

Because captioning may be new to your workflow - you will likely have questions during the intial setup. NO PROBLEM - a user guide explaining the workflow in detail with a step-by-step instructional of setting up your stream can be found HERE. The EEG Support team is also available to answer any questions and help you get started captioning your Facebook Live Stream.

You can contact the support team by e-mailing support@eegent.com or calling 516-293-7472 x207