June 13, 2018

Press Release: Introducing the AV610 CaptionPort for Video Conference Display Captioning


EEG, the leaders in closed captioning technology, have announced the latest addition to their product lineup, the AV610 CaptionPort. Created to deliver world class caption connectivity to video conference displays, the AV610 brings easy setup and cost efficiency to corporate AV integrators.

Designed specifically for AV applications, the AV610 ensures full presentation visibility by scaling input video down by 15% with the option of placing caption data above or below the video. This unique feature allows for the use of standard presentation templates without visual interference from captions, while ensuring accessibility for the hearing impaired.

With the AV610, captions can be sourced from thousands of live captioners over EEG’s iCap, the world’s largest closed captioning and subtitle delivery network, or automatically from EEG’s cloud-driven live captioning service, Lexi.

“Previously, AV integrators had to obtain the same expensive encoding equipment and services used by television broadcasters in order to get captions onscreen for a simple live conference setup,” says Bill McLaughlin, VP of Product Development for EEG. “The EEG AV610 changes that, providing an affordable solution designed specifically to address AV applications.”