November 26, 2018

EEG Launches iCap On-Prem: Private On-Premises Deployment Availability of iCap


EEG, the leaders in closed captioning technology, have announced the availability of iCap On-Prem. A companion product to EEG’s industry-leading cloud-based closed captioning and subtitle delivery network, iCap On-Prem enables the deployment of iCap to private on-premises cloud for customers who require this configuration to accommodate stringent internal security policies.

iCap On-Prem is optimal for video productions in the enterprise, government and medical verticals that have been prevented from taking advantage of innovations in caption accessibility technology because of internal limitations on the use of public cloud services for highly confidential data.

By running iCap On-Prem, video producers can take advantage of the most-used system for live captioning transcriptions, while restricting all data transfers to locally controlled servers and networks. The iCap system completely eliminates the use of telephone connections for captioning, and is compatible with fully virtual video processing software such as EEG Alta, as well as third-party virtualized iCap plugins such as Imagine Communications’ Versio platform.

EEG’s iCap cloud solution already provides major broadcast networks, sports stadiums, universities, and government entities across the globe with encrypted 24/7/365 remote connectivity to thousands of certified caption service partners. With iCap On-Prem, professional stenocaptioners and voice writers use their existing iCap software with the additional client-provided security layer of a VPN link or closed local network to gain private access to the target captioning equipment. The deploying organization retains full control over the network path, the distribution of credentials to captioning contractors, and the physical security of all equipment.

“As the need for closed captioning expands rapidly beyond broadcasting and content creation, many users have requested the ability to run iCap without a requirement to send any data through public internet networks or commercial cloud services,” says Bill McLaughlin, VP of Product Development for EEG. “We continue to strive for the industry’s best security with our public cloud product, while iCap On-Prem provides an additional level of customized control for client organizations with the most highly specific IT security needs.”