June 4, 2019

New Resource Available: iCap Status Monitoring Page


We have released a new resource for iCap users! Introducing iCap Status, a 24/7 public health monitoring page that displays cloud service status and provides up-to-the-minute updates. You can now access information regarding current iCap service and know about issues as soon as they arise.

On iCap Status you'll be able to:

• monitor cloud service status on the iCap realtime captioning network,
• see live metrics on recent connection stability aggregated (and fully anonymized) from thousands of iCap encoders,
• track network-wide health alarms that are automatically updated 24/7/365, and
• read incident reports and status updates posted by our support and engineering teams.

We're excited to make this feature available and hope iCap Status will be a useful resource when looking for answers to technical questions or discrepancy reports. You can also reach the EEG team at any time at icapnetworkgroup@eegent.com with additional questions, concerns, and feedback!

The metrics and messages on iCap Status are also available for programmatic integration into your internal dashboards, as documented here: https://www.eegicap.com/api/docs/#health.