November 4, 2019

Highlights of Bill McLaughlin's Presentation at the IBC2019 IP Showcase


Focused on educating attendees on the transition of live video production to IP operations, the IP Showcase brings professionals together at IBC, NAB, and other industry trade shows every year. The IBC2019 IP Showcase, held in September in Amsterdam, focused on the SMPTE 2110 media delivery standard, as well as the AMWA NMOS IS-04, IS-05, and IS-08 standards describing media system interconnection, labelling, and stream grouping. In one highlight, EEG’s VP of Product Development, Bill McLaughlin, presented an updated tutorial on subtitling, closed captioning, and other ancillary data workflows using the ST 2110-40 standard.

Attendance was very strong and the audience brought a number of insightful questions into the Q&A session afterward. The benefits of native 2110-40 captioning in software, using systems such as EEG’s Alta platform, are becoming increasingly clear as 2110-based production ecosystems continue to mature and to expand outward from virtualization of core routing all the way to localization, triggering, and other ancillary data contributions to a first-class live video production.

Watch highlights of McLaughlin's talk at IBC2019 below!

Watch the full video here.