January 15, 2020

Product Release: Lexi Leash Simplifies Automatic Captioning Functionality


EEG has announced a powerful new expansion to the functionality of Lexi, its premier cloud-hosted automatic captioning service: Lexi Leash, a free Windows application that Lexi users can connect to their EEG Cloud account to create, monitor, stop, restart, and log Lexi jobs.

Download Lexi Leash

Using Lexi Leash, Lexi users can:

  • Easily track Lexi usage quotas
  • Restart previous jobs with the click of a button
  • Monitor current job status
  • Avoid unintended charges from jobs accidentally left running

Created in tandem with customer input, Lexi Leash is ideal for users, such as municipalities, who are not staffed with expert captioners or video content producers and would benefit from easier monitoring of Lexi.

With Lexi Leash, users can be confident that Lexi is turned on and off only when needed. Users can also easily replay previous Lexi jobs, obtain a comprehensive usage report for billing, and quickly export project metadata (such as start/stop times and Access Codes) to Excel for streamlined reporting.

With its intuitive interface, Lexi Leash makes setting up new projects simple with the ability to create templated jobs, allowing staff to carry over voice model selection, caption position, speaker definitions, and more from previous jobs.

“Lexi Leash significantly reduces the amount of time, experience, and real-time monitoring required to start and finish automatic captioning projects,” says Bill McLaughlin, VP of Product Development for EEG.

Lexi is capable of delivering over 90% accuracy in English, Spanish, and French for many common media types - optimal for improving compliance and accessibility on currently uncovered material. As a cloud service, Lexi keeps up to date with global news and entertainment data. Lexi can also monitor user-supplied URLs to absorb and leverage new information to improve transcription quality.

Lexi Leash is a product update available to all users of Lexi. Visit here for more details on how to install Lexi Leash.