May 27, 2020

EN537 Live Broadcast Caption Encoder Update


EEG Video has launched V2 Build 2.1.0 for our popular EN537 Live Broadcasting Encoder. This update includes several new features and bug fixes supporting Lexi, iCap, caption authoring, and more. Updates to the release include:


  • Beta speech recognition engine option for increased transcription accuracy
  • Lexi Vision mode for automatic caption positioning
  • New upstream timeout options


  • Users can now enable SSL for increased security

Caption Authoring

Web Portal

  • Startup settings can be applied without reboot
  • GPI settings are now persistent

Key bug fixes related to:

  • Dropped caption characters
  • Network connection hangups
  • DHCP address acquisition
  • Setting system time zone

This update is available for EN537 serial numbers 2001 and up. Visit here for installation instructions and to request the download.