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December 29, 2021

2021: A Year in Review


2021 was a memorable year for content creators of all kinds! Here are our closed captioning news highlights.

Top Story

Captioning transformed when Ai-Media acquired EEG Video. Our combination creates a true one-stop shop for closed captioning, converging the best of EEG’s iCap-driven technology and Ai-Media’s expert teams.

Our innovations make quality captions easy, secure and cost-effective for content creators. They even drive new revenue sources for our users, such as direct-to-consumer content models that can quickly expand global audiences.

Online Events

Gathering online remained essential this year.

We hosted webinars throughout 2021, showing attendees the latest in captioning for creators in broadcast, government, municipal, educational, corporate and many more verticals. Virtual live meetups included:

When NAB Show 2021 was cancelled, we–alongside Ai-Media–decided to provide a virtual experience that included webinars about the latest captioning news. During our NAB Virtual Event Series, we presented:

New Releases

There were many new products and solutions from EEG’s range of iCap-powered solutions in 2021.

Captioning translation got a major boost. Using the EEG Falcon Live Streaming RTMP Encoder, content can be efficiently captioned through a complete AI transcription and translation stack via EEG’s Lexi Automatic Captioning Service: Falcon Offers Support for World Language Captioning.

We launched the iCap Connect AV650, which supports UHD 12-SDI for 4K readiness.

Working with Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) ecosystem, a new CDI Alta version of the Alta IP Video Captioning Encoder arrived: EEG Video Launches CDI Alta to Support Live Captioning for AWS Cloud Digital Interface, Streamlining Real-Time Captioning for Uncompressed Live Video Over IP.

Partnering with Top Players

EEG helped live events to easily be ADA accessible, and much more: Closed Captioning for Virtual Events: Eventage Ensures Broadcast-Quality Accessibility with EEG Video’s Solutions

Finally, we forged another powerful collaboration with Amazon’s AWS: EEG Video Supports AWS Media Intelligence Solutions to Make Closed Captioning Easy and Affordable for Content Creators.


As we close the book on this year, we look to 2022 with eagerness and positivity. Thank you to our customers, partners and employees for a successful 2021!

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