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November 9, 2022

iCap Alta Software Caption Encoder Adds CCMatch for Captions Without Delay


Broadcasters and live content creators of all kinds increasingly work in IP video production environments. Now iCap Alta, the leading software caption encoder for live IP video, is available with the powerful CCMatch feature to further improve the audience experience. 

The CCMatch delay parameter allows Alta users to match video and audio with live captions with perfect synchronization to the end viewer. CCMatch was originally introduced for EEG Video’s flagship hardware encoder to help broadcasters meet stringent FCC quality rules, ensuring synchronization between the audio track and captions better than traditional workflows.

 In addition to the benefits to the viewing audience, CCMatch aids in production and clipping by making sure live captions are contained completely within a segment, without overhang from programming into commercial blocks.

Extending beyond SDI workflows, CCMatch was next added to EEG’s Falcon cloud-hosted live streaming RTMP caption encoder. Using a video output delay, CCMatch’s caption timing ability can reduce or eliminate delay in real-time. Now available to all Alta users, CCMatch provides broadcast networks, OTT platforms, and streaming content creators with an easy way to precisely time-sync captions to video.

Live Captions for Corporate Events, Conferences and More

Because it is typical for both skilled human and AI captioning systems to maximize accuracy by delivering live captions several seconds behind an audio track, there is often a noticeable delay in captions in live broadcast and events. CCMatch is ideal for productions where there is a tolerance for slightly higher video delay, in order to remove this mismatch between A/V programs and captions. 

Optimal applications for Alta with CCMatch include live streaming content such as corporate events, conferences, education, worship, political conventions, awards ceremonies, and niche sports. As production teams increasingly transition to cloud-based IP-driven workflows, they can continue to benefit from CCMatch as they have when working in SDI.           

Alta with CCMatch can  be even more beneficial in scenarios where automatic caption translation via EEG’s iCap Translate is used. Translated secondary languages typically follow the original source language captions by even more delay, and CCMatch can help solve this problem. By reducing the otherwise high delay, audiences who are serviced by the second-language captioning will find programming easier to follow and understand.

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