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March 9, 2020

HD492 iCap Encoder Update: 3.3.1 Upgrade


EEG Video has announced a number of new features and bug fixes for its industry-leading HD492 iCap caption encoder for live broadcasting. Updates to the release include:

  •  iCap, EEG’s cloud-powered caption connectivity system that’s fully integrated with the HD492, now supports SSL
  •  iCap supports sending multiple audio programs to captioners or to Lexi, EEG’s automatic captioning service
  • Addition of the ST 2110-40 IP Simulcast module
  • Lexi now supports automatic caption positioning via Lexi Vision, which automatically positions captions based on detection of on-screen text, faces, and other items that captions should not obscure
  • Time synchronization via PTP is available as a higher-precision alternative to NTP
  • Startup settings can be applied immediately without rebooting
  • Telnet input port is now configurable
  • Users can download all software logs with one click, as a .zip file
  • Various bug fixes

Visit the appnote for information on requesting the download of the HD492 iCap Encoder 3.3.1 update.