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December 21, 2021

What’s New in Captioning: Do Not Translate List, HD492 4.0.5 Build, and Alta RTP & FEC Support


Just in time for the holidays! We have a stocking full of new capabilities for EEG Video’s iCap-driven range of captioning solutions.

Do Not Translate list for iCap Translate

iCap Translate™ is a language translation service that makes global reach more efficient for content creators and live event producers. It builds on the success of Lexi™ Automatic Captioning, which uses advanced AI to create live captioning in the spoken language of a video program.

iCap users often want to ensure that certain words, such as profanity, cannot be translated. These users now have the ability to create a custom Do Not Translate list for their captioning jobs. This feature allows users to classify specific words as unwanted or objectionable vocabulary, which ensures that they will not be displayed as captions on-screen.

The Do Not Translate list acts as a substitution tool that allows iCap Translate users to select a word to ban, and another word with which to replace it. As with our Smart Lexi offering, which combines machine learning automation with expert human curation, users can pass words or phrases blocked from translating to EEG’s Services team, or simply add these words or phrases themselves to iCap Translate.

iCap Translate can translate captions and subtitles to and from over a dozen major languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Danish, Maori, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. iCap Translate can work from source captions in any of these languages created by a monolingual expert stenographer, a live Lexi speech-to-text job, or a previously recorded and embedded caption track.

iCap Translate can be used with any iCap compatible captioning system. This includes SDI embedders, EEG Alta virtualized IP video encoders, the Falcon streaming service, and other third-party iCap integrations.

HD492 4.0.5 Build

Our flagship HD492 encoder has just leveled up, with the new 4.0.5 build. In addition to several bug fixes, it features multiple updates for Lexi Controller, the iCap encoder client, and security. Visit here for the full release notes.


Security is always a priority at EEG. We’re glad to announce the availability of SAML SSO support now for the Falcon and Lexi cloud services available at

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Single Sign On (SSO) provides EEG Cloud offerings with enhanced security. SAML is an open standard that is used by many identity providers.

With SAML SSO, EEG is unaware of the user password, meaning it can't be stolen in case of a breach. Furthermore, the user’s IT department can enforce their own rules such as password strength, rotation, and more parameters, without the need for cooperation with EEG. In the event that an employee is removed from a client IT system, that employee will also lose access to all EEG systems without the need for further intervention.

RTP and FEC support for Alta

RTP and FEC (Forward Error Correction) support has arrived for the Alta software encoder for live IP video.

This FEC captioning update helps users to move Alta from a data center where there are no network problems to a wide area distribution where users can send and receive streams. The receiver at the destination can get the full program without any interruptions.

The specific FEC scheme in use is incorporated into the SMPTE 2022 standard. SMPTE 2022 is now implemented with Alta.

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