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May 19, 2016 / By Dave Watts

4 Broadcast Network Security Concerns Addressed by the iCap Encoder

Here we highlight the common customer network security concerns we’ve designed our tried and true iCap technology around.


May 3, 2016 / By Bill McLaughlin

Captioning Trends from NAB 2016

Captioning and accessibility is certainly feeling effects from industry developments, but also has a unique set of concerns with fast-evolving regulation and legislation in the United States and other major markets. At EEG and in the captioning/accessibility space, here are the 3 major trends our customers and partners brought us...


February 12, 2016 / By Dave Watts

White Paper: Recommended Practices for Closed Captioning Quality Compliance

Accuracy, Synchronicity, Completeness, and Placement. What steps can you take to implement a compliant system?


January 20, 2016 / By Bill McLaughlin

Bringing iCap Logging into your Custom Software

With the iCap Admin HTTP API, EEG customers of all sizes can incorporate iCap reporting into their own public or private dashboard and logging applications.


December 3, 2015 / By EEG

Monthly iCap Reporting and Announcements

November 2015 edition of a new monthly report showing uptime and other productions stats on EEG's iCap Realtime Captioning Network.