Lexi™ Automatic Captioning

Meet the cloud-hosted automated captioning service now connecting existing EEG closed caption encoders and software with the latest in Automatic Speech Recognition technology.

Superior Quality Caption Automation

Lexi is capable of delivering over 90% accuracy in English and Spanish for many common media types. While professional human - optimal for improving compliance and accessibility on currently uncovered material.

Expansive Cloud Learning Structure

As a cloud service, Lexi instinctively learns new data for global news and entertainment. Lexi can also monitor user supplied URLs to absorb and leverage new data to match current on-air media transcriptions.

Go Beyond the Box

No additional hardware is needed to access Lexi. Source superior quality automated closed captions from Lexi direct to any current EEG caption encoder or Scribe software.

Lexi Compatible EEG Products
EN537 Smart Encoder
HD492 SDI Encoder
Alta™ (Virtualized IP Video Captioning)
Falcon™ (Caption to Popular Streaming Services)
FilePro Scribe