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Lexi™ Automatic Captioning Service for Live Video

The World’s Leading AI-Powered Automatic Captions

Achieve quality rivalling human captions, at a fraction of the cost. Get ready to experience the future of captioning with the new and improved LEXI 3.0, the world’s most advanced automatic captioning solution.

Elevate your live TV, streaming, meeting or event captioning with brand new features including speaker identification, intelligent caption placement, and much more. And you can access LEXI from any EEG HD492, EN537, Alta, or Falcon encoder. 

Why Choose LEXI?

Accuracy rivaling human captions, without the hefty price

Powered by the latest AI, LEXI is fast closing the gap on human captions. It revolutionizes automatic captioning to deliver unprecedented accuracy and reliability, without the sizeable per hour costs typical of human captions. Independent audits conf$

Maximize LEXI's accuracy with Topic Models

LEXI’s AI-powered Topic Models feature greatly improves automatic caption accuracy by recognizing unusual or domain-specific words, phrases, names and context. Topic Models enable the system to recognize topics, immerse itself in$

Enhanced Error Recognition

Up to 40% fewer formatting and punctuation errors, plus up to 60% fewer recognition errors

Automated Speaker Identification

Easily track speaker changes with clear and distinctive chevrons or individual color captions. 

Intelligent Caption Placement

LEXI’s AI automatically repositions captions to avoid on-screen interference.

The World's Most Legible Automatic Captions

Combined with Ai-Media’s encoders, LEXI delivers seamless automatic caption display and an unmatched viewer experience.

Perfectly Synchronized Captions

LEXI delays video and audio to match the natural delay of captions, providing a seamless viewing experience.

Lexi Compatible EEG Products
EN537 Smart Encoder
HD49x Series SDI Encoders
Alta™ (Virtualized IP Video Captioning)
Falcon™ (Caption to Popular Streaming Services)
AV610 CaptionPort™ (For Live Meeting Displays)
FilePro Scribe (Post-Production Captioning Software)