Lexi™ Automatic Captioning Service for Live Video

The premier cloud-hosted automatic captioning service from the leaders in closed caption technology! Access Lexi from any EEG HD492, EN537, Alta, or Falcon encoder; no additional hardware required! Simply connect from any EEG encoder and start captioning today.

Superior Quality Caption Automation

Lexi is capable of delivering over 90% accuracy in English, Spanish, and French for many common media types - optimal for improving compliance and accessibility on currently uncovered material.

Expansive Data-Learning Structure

As a cloud service, Lexi keeps up to date with global news and entertainment data. Lexi can also monitor user-supplied URLs to absorb and leverage new information improve transcription quality.

Breakthrough Topic Models Technology

Lexi's Topic Models feature enables the system to recognize topics, immerse itself in distinctive vocabulary, and observe context through the absorption of relevant web data unique to each implementation. This ground-breaking advancement enables Lexi to perform in real-time with a degree of accuracy that reaches beyond previous speech-to-text systems.

Hybrid Workflows Supported

For a hybrid approach, caption data from Lexi can be interspersed with existing captions from a teleprompter system and/or human captioner to ensure coverage of only the unscripted segments, such as weather reports, to meet FCC full coverage mandates.

Lexi Compatible EEG Products
EN537 Smart Encoder
HD49x Series SDI Encoders
Alta™ (Virtualized IP Video Captioning)
Falcon™ (Caption to Popular Streaming Services)
AV610 CaptionPort™ (For Live Meeting Displays)
FilePro Scribe (Post-Production Captioning Software)