Alta: Alta-TS Core v2.56

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Release Notes:

This is an installation package for the core Alta software that can be used to update an existing Alta Transport Stream virtual machine.

Please also install the alta_rest_server package for version 2.32.0.

Recent changes:

  • Support for DVB TTML (ETSI 303 560) spec and improved logging of stream parsing (2.56)
  • Support for CC1, CC2 and CC3 simultaneous captioning (2.55)
  • Improved compatibility with HEVC video streams (2.52)
  • More efficient RTP send/receive for streams with high packet rate (2.52)
  • Full logging of incoming SCTE-35 cue point data (2.52)
  • Reduced locking time for input stream switches. Near-seamless performance is now possible in "low latency mode" when a fixed transport rate is set at channel start up (2.47)
  • Improved monitoring for input status of iCap "Reference" streams (2.46)
  • Telnet input port for caption data (2.45)