HD490 iCap Encoder: 1.1.0

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Release Notes:

What’s New?  

  • Lexi 1.1.3
  • Improved job statuses and logging
  • Pressing "apply" after changing settings while a job is running will start a new job with the new settings
  • Automatically updates language list as new languages are added in EEG Cloud system
  • Supports sending single audio channels to iCap listeners
  • More detailed firmware logging
  • Startup settings editor allows applying new settings immediately
  • Web portal 0.1.26
  • User-editable nickname field at top of page
  • Active ports" display now shows name of service that is providing captions
  • GPI settings are persistent upon reboot
  • Video iCap supports SD-PAL 
  • Bug fixes related to GPO alarms, DHCP address acquisition